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Save $2000/Home
Automate Your Warranty
Reduce Administrative Costs
Eliminate Customer Service Excess Overhead
Decrease Risk & Insurance Premium
Increase Field Productivity
Reduce Warranty Trips & Vehicle Costs
Total Savings:

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SiteOne Services
delivers warranty and risk management solutions, based on our proven Software as a Service technology, selective outsourcing, and innovative residential programs. 


S1 Technology

S1 Technology, software as a service, which automates and enables service and work-order requests, while tracking communication and service escalation to all involved parties. On-line, customized warranty, and maintenance documents are included in the service. Simple, pay as you go service plans available. S1 Technology
  • Track work requests for each unit/lot.
  • Variety of reports by responsible party or by lot/unit.
  • Automates repair requests by email or fax.
  • Holds subs and employees accountable.
  • Centralizes document retention.

Administrative Solutions

Administrative Outsourcing, outsource customer support with personal care and service. This SiteOne process enhances value and delivers customer satisfaction results through administrative support and 24/7 phone support for half the cost of direct employees.
  •  Provides a 24/7 resource for your customers to report problems.
  • Friendly, personalized and accurate.
  • A call center that you don’t have to staff, train, or maintain. 
  • Grow with minimal overhead investment.