dwellingLIVE is a fully unified web-based platform that allows you to mix-n-match the perfect community technology solution. Choose what you need, when you need, because all dwellingLIVE modules integrate! Credentialed Access • Visitor Management • Telephone Entry Systems • License Plate Recognition • Community Websites • Mobile Patrol • Front Desk Concierge
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The Quality Built® program was founded in 1994 on extensive litigation experience and a long history of conducting inspections for the construction industry. Quality Built, owned and operated by engineers, has over 50 years of collective experience and expertise based on thousands of inspections of homes and commercial buildings as well as analysis of over 2,000 construction litigation cases for insurance companies and others.
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Compendia is a media company designed to help builders and manufacturers comply with laws, regulations, and best practices. We help lower risk, increase customer satisfaction, and save you money! Our maintenance guides, warranty and operation content, auditing services, and document archiving is valuable to homebuilders, manufacturers, and general contractors alike.
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